Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some Love for Kaman

SLAMOnline is counting down a 'Top 50', the 50 Best Players in the NBA. And for once in his life, Clippers' center Chris Kaman gets some love!

So, maybe number 48 is not THAT much love, especially considering that they've only gotten to number 45 and he's already behind 2 guys that have never played a MINUTE in the NBA (Bargnani at 47 and Morrison at 45.) But for a guy who somehow manages to go unnoticed despite the fact that he is over 7 feet tall and REALLY UGLY, being on ANY list is a step up.

Aside from putting the number 48 next to his name however, SLAM doesn't really give us much insight into the Kaveman. In a four paragraph piece we get mentions of the hair, Reggie Evans gettin' grabby AND Michael Olowokandi being tazered. Where is the critique of Kaman's game? No mention of the fact that he's a true center who can score with his back to the basket, that he can score with either hand.... c'mon. This is a basketball piece, right?

They don't even have their facts straight...
When the playoffs came around he wasn’t healthy, and the Clips lost a seven game series to Phoenix. With a healthy Kaman, who knows what would have happened. He’s valuable enough a player to swing a playoff series the other way.

Look, I'll make excuses for the Clippers as soon as the next guy, but Kaman's health? Really? Chris Kaman was no less healthy than any other player who just finished the 82 game season. The reason he was limited in the Phoenix series had everything to do with the fact that he can't pass out of double teams and can't guard Tim Thomas at the three point line, and nothing to do with health.

But, why quibble? At least someone has noticed that he's in the top 50.