Thursday, September 21, 2006

NBA 2010, Part 4

A pretty interesting topic on's NBA 2010 series today. I guess I find it interesting, because I asked the same question back in May, during the Clippers-Suns series. The NBA 2010 question today is "Which player will rise from mediocrity a la Boris Diaw?" I call these guys Diamonds in the Rough, and I posted a couple of times about it here and here.

On the whole, I like the picks of the espn panel today. I can kibitz plenty:

- Gerald Wallace can't have a break out year this season, since he already had a break out year last season - the only thing that can change is that people might notice;

- Carlos Arroyo is a gutsy choice (to use a kind word) given that Jameer Nelson is going to play point for Orlando, and I really don't think they'll play them together, as much as I like Arroyo;

- J.R. Smith is a stretch, but at least a plausible one, though it looks a lot like a homer pick coming from a Denver sportswriter;

- and speaking of homers, what is the deal with this guy from London? In 4 days, he's managed to reference every player in the NBA with ties to Great Britain except Michael Olowokandi. Even so, Luol Deng is not a bad pick either.

This is obviously a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of any fantasy team owner. Who can you pick up in the later rounds of the draft who might end up being a MAJOR contributor? (That's what makes the Gerald Wallace so obviously out of whack in this category. Wallace will be a VERY HIGH pick in everyone's fantasy league. He's not rising from mediocrity. On the other hand, there wasn't a fantasy owner in America who picked Diaw - the guy was on waivers to start the season in every fantasy league, but ended up being a HUGE fantasy player.)

Back in May, I proposed Shaun Livingson (so I'm a homer too) and Dan Dickau as candidates for this list. I also tried to get some feedback going, but I had pretty much ZERO readers then, so nobody responded. Let's see how many readers I have now! Send me candidates for this season's 'Diamond in the Rough.'