Friday, September 08, 2006

Go Olympiakos!

So suddenly, I'm a fan of Olympiakos in the Greek League...

(Unfortunately, I'm not sure I know how to spell it. I've seen it spelled Olympiakos and Olympiacos. Transliteration problems from the Cyrillic alphabet, dontcha know.)

Not only is Sofoklis Schortsianitis (MBFGC) on the Reds, I just realized that they're the team that signed Alex Acker this summer! Being a Pepperdine Alum, I was hoping that Alex would stick with the Pistons, but he got a better offer from Olympiakos and is heading to Greece. They also signed Arvydas Macijauskas away from the Hornets, so that makes three NBA properties that they outbid NBA teams for this summer alone. So they have money. Which is nice.

Greek League begins play in late October (about a week before the Assoc.), and EuroLeague starts the first week in November. EuroLeague Action! It's FAN-tastic!