Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two of the Best Teams in the World?

The Round of 16 game between Italy and Lithuania featured what MUST be the worst final 8 seconds of any game ever played (or at least, played by adults - my 10 year old has played a few that were pretty bad.)

The two teams combined to miss 10 of 11 free throws, allowed 3 offensive rebounds, and committed 3 fouls, including a foul against a 3 point shooter with a 3 point lead and less than a second to go!

It went something like this:
  • Down 2, Italy makes 1 of 2 free throws with 8 seconds on the clock - 1 point game;
  • Italy fouls, and Lithuania misses BOTH - Lithuania gets the rebound;
  • Italy fouls, and Lithuania misses BOTH - Lithuania gets the rebound and tips it in - 3 point game;
  • Lithuania decides to foul, before Italy can attempt a three;
  • Italy misses BOTH - Italy gets the rebound;
  • With 0.2 seconds left, Lithuania fouls Basile shooting a desperation 3 - he misses ALL THREE!
Basically, in 8 seconds, the teams combined to do NOTHING right (unless you want to credit the offensive rebounds to great hustle instead of poor boxing out - I'm a 'trapezoidal lane is half-empty' kind of guy, myself.)

Sorry I missed this gem.