Friday, August 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

Let's hope Team USA doesn't get overconfident from it's 45 point win over Puerto Rico. For one thing, this is a team that barely qualified for the Worlds, on a wild card bid. For another, they actually managed to stay with the significantly more talented US team for about 15 minutes. But how is it possible that USA Basketball couldn't get three international refs to officiate (they had two NBA refs and one international)? The whistles will be VERY different in Japan. And can we really feel very good about Chris Bosh starting at center? On the bright side, Chris Paul is the best pure point guard from the US since Jason Kidd, and I like the aggressive defense, which will create scoring opportunities. But Argentina may backdoor that overplaying D to death.

Is it just me, or does everyone agree that Leandro Barbosa is going to be worth WAY MORE than
5/$32M after next season? I mean, that's BARELY over the mid-level exception. Surely someone would pay him that. It seems to me that the foreign-born players are either less greedy, or their agents are less pushy, or something. Manu (6/$52M in 2004), Peja (6/$45M in 2000)... these guys seem a little more willing to take extensions than to test free agency. Of course, then there's Vladimir Radmanovic, who turned down an extension from the Sonics, signed a qualifying offer, and then signed for less with the Lakers than the Sonics had offered. So greed and stupidity probably do span across all the nations!