Thursday, August 03, 2006

Aaron Williams

Once again, the Clippers front office has totally ignored my advice. With the signings of Paul Davis and now Aaron Williams, the Clippers are up to 14 guaranteed contracts, including 4 guys lised as 'Centers' (Kaman, Rebraca, Davis and Williams) despite the fact that most teams play with one of those and your top competition in the Pacific plays with zero. Meanwhile, basically nothing has been done to shore up the outside shooting from last season, with Tim Thomas replacing VladRad, and no other changes. (You could argue that losing Walter McCarthy hurts the outside shooting, but of course he was atrocious from three last season.)

Look - I actually like Aaron Williams. Works hard. Rebounds. Hustles. Plays tough D. And I get the whole 'Dunleavy loyalty' thing. He brought back Vin Baker last season. This year, it's Williams, and hey, Williams doesn't even have to un-retire. But I am a little concerned that as the rest of the NBA is going smaller and smaller, realizing that it's better to have skills on the floor than size, Dunleavy remains caught in a 90s-NBA mindset that says you need 24 fouls to give at the center position to beat Shaq.

Realistically, with Kaman, Brand and Thomas, not too mention the underused James Singleton, should any of these guys ever get off the bench? I mean, I LOVE Zeljko Rebraca; I think he should have been starting in the NBA the last several years. And if he's healthy enough to play, then that's just gravy. But if not, then are we really worried? A front line of Brand, Singleton and Maggette STILL out-rebounds, out-low posts and simply out-plays most front lines in the Western Conference.

I just am not a believer in having two or three guys at the end of the bench who do the same thing - not when the team STILL can't put 4 true three-point threats on the floor for a final possession, down three. I mean, let's face it - that situation happens. The situation where you need 4 centers - I haven't come across that one yet.

There's one more roster spot available. It could be second round pick Guillermo Diaz, who at least MIGHT be able to shoot from distance, or the Clippers could still surprise us by signing a true shooter (Eddie House is available - if nothing else, we could keep him away from Phoenix). If however, they re-sign Boniface N'Dong with the 15th spot, well, I will have to scream.