Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pittsnogle is a Celtic

Well, I was probably the only one who thought he would make a great Clipper, but Kevin Pittsnogle signed with the Celtics yesterday, so it's not gonna happen.

Why do I have the feeling he's going to be a better pro than Paul Davis? I mean, sure, Davis has a better NBA body, and in theory he can make the 17 footer, which is nice. But aren't there about a hundred Paul Davis types playing in Europe and in the D-League?

Pittsnogle seems like a more unique weapon to me. A big, scrappy, smart player, who can make NBA threes. I think he'll be in the league a long time, I really do.

We'll see what the Sports Guy thinks about this. Wanna bet that he makes some denigrating reference to Scalabrine if and when he mentions Pittsnogle? I can't decide if he'll go with the 'Why would we sign this guy when we're already paying Scalabrine so much?' angle or the 'Now we can get rid of Scalabrine, and we'll stuff have a big, doofusy white guy on the bench' angle.