Friday, July 07, 2006

Check Out the Blazers Summer League Team

The Blazers (young and getting younger) played their first summer league game in Vegas last night. The roster features at least 4 guys who have a legitimate chance to start for them THIS SEASON! (I mean start for their regular 'NBA' team, if you can call them that.)

Rookies Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge played 29 and 33 minutes respectively last night, while 2005 first rounder Martell Webster played 35 minutes and 2003 pick Travis Outlaw played 32. I guess the Blazers really want to win this summer, since they won't be winning much in the winter. BTW, Webster and Outlaw were both picked straight out of high school, and are both younger than Roy.

In addition to these 4, the Blazers roster features first round pick Joel Freeland, South Korean project Ha-Seung Jin, and recently signed free agent Nikoloz Tskilksdajfa;lkjdf, so the summer team includes 7 guys with guaranteed contracts for next season. And given the fact that the Blazers figure to do what they can to rid themselves of Zach Randolph, Darius Miles and Raef Lafrentz, this is literally as good as it gets for Blazers hoops for many years to come.

So how did this stellar summer league team do? They lost, 88-82, to a Rockets team featuring Steve Novak and Pat Carroll. Ouch.