Monday, May 08, 2006

Why No Suns-Lakers Recap?

If you're wondering why there were no posts here this weekend, especially considering the importance of Suns-Lakers game 7, well, Sunday was the widow's birhtday.

BTW, I'm just getting started with the Blog, and struggling a bit to find my voice. Should this be first person (I, me, etc.), or blog person (ClipperNation this and ClipperNation that)? And what's the best way to refer to others? Well, the one decision I've made is to refer to my wife as 'the widow' during basketball season, and 'my wife' during the off-season. We'll see how that goes.

So Sunday was the widow's birthday, and we went away for the weekend. My present to her was that I didn't watch any basketball all weekend. Of course, it hardly seems fair to refer to her as the widow in that case, but of course she never would have gotten this treatment if the Clippers were playing rather than waiting for the Suns-Lakers to finish.

As it happens, seems like I didn't miss much on the basketball side. And we had a lovely birthday weekend, thank you for asking.