Thursday, May 04, 2006


Welcome to the first posting of ClipperNation, my LA Clippers (and general NBA musings) Blog. Now, I know you're thinking that I'm jumping on the bandwagon now that the Clippers have actually won a playoff series. Not true. I have been a Clippers fan since about 1990 (OK, November 16, 1989 to be exact, the day they acquired Ron Harper for the rights to Danny Ferry.) More on my personal journey from die hard Laker fan to Clipper fan / Laker hater in another post.

So I'm not a Clipper-come-lately, but I am trying Blogging for the first time. Bear with me while I work through the bumps, but I'm hoping this will be a more efficient way to share my views than the random emails I send to buddies at all hours of the night. And now, those guys can decide to read the blog (or not) rather than feel obliged to read and respond to my emails.

So, here we go, let's get this out there and see what it looks like, and then start talking Clippers.