Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Quick Question

Has anyone ever seen a call like the one that went against Maggette at 6:43 of the 2nd Quarter? They called Maggette for a loose ball foul committed on James Jones, and then counted the tip in for Nash. So Nash got the two, and then Jones got a free throw. During the telecast, Collins kept talking about how it was a 'controlled tip', and that's why the basket counted and it wasn't a loose ball foul. Well, sure, if it was Nash who had been fouled. But how can the bucket be good if Maggette fouled Jones on the box out of the Marion miss? Seems like, by definition, that happened before Nash's tip. Amazingly, you can see the ref (McCutchen) wave off the basket originally, and then they got together and talked about it, and counted it. Bizarre. Collins and Harlan never seemed to notice that it was James Jones who shot the free throw.