Thursday, May 04, 2006

More on 'Melo...

By the way, I'm beginning to think Carmelo Anthony is not so... um... what's the word? Calm? Serene? Laid back? Placid? Unexcitable? Unflappable? Oh well... you get the idea.

In his last 6 games against the Clippers (which is pretty much the only time I see him play), he has gotten 3 Technical Fouls. Now, that's a big number in and of itself, a number of which 'Sheed would be proud. But here's the thing... each and every one of them... all three... Came after he was fouled. Not when he wasn't fouled. The whistle blew, the ref gave him a call, and then he lost his cool and got a T. THREE TIMES! I mean, it happens, I've seen other guys get frustrated and give the ref some sort of 'It's about time' crap, but three times in 6 games is a bit excessive. Of course, only the one he got back on April 4 really mattered. The Nuggets were already dead games 4 and 5 of the playoffs when he picked up T's, but still.