Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How Can We Beat the Suns?

I've gone on record as saying that the Suns will win if they shoot well. My basic feeling is that they are too good offensively, and unless they simply go cold and miss shots, they will score more points. The team that scores more points has won 100% of the games in this year's playoffs.

But I realize that it's something of a helpless feeling to siimply hope that the Suns will go cold. And certainly the Clippers are going to try to tighten up their rotations, though I maintain that it's a pick your poison situation. (In the papers, Dunleavy is much more concerned with the layups than with the threes, so look for the Clippers to block a few more shots, contest the middle more... and look for the Suns to put up MORE than the 27 threes of game 1, and probably make more than 12.)

As a proactive strategy, what about this? Let's get key guys in foul trouble. It almost worked in game 1. Marion picked up 2 in the first quarter, and his 3rd in the second, but managed to play the entire second half while only picking up one more. Tim Thomas picked up 5 fouls in 15 minutes, but of the 7 guys that play for them, he's probably the 6th most important.

Can we post Cassell and/or Livingston early and get some fouls on Nash? He picked up two in one minute trying to guard Livingston in the 4th quarter of game 1, but he only had 3 in the game. Can we go at Diaw and get him into foul trouble?

When I was celebrating Marion's 3rd foul on Monday, the widow said to me 'But you don't want to win that way, just because their best players can't play. Where's the honor in that?' Well, honor schmonor. And besides, having the deeper team is plenty honorable, and an advantage the Clippers need to exploit. The fact that the Suns pretty much only have 7 guys is only a disadvantage if they are forced to play the 8th one.