Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fast Break Points

Like Kenny's Pictures or Steve Wonders, Fast Break Points are the points that I will make quickly after the game, before going to bed. (Get it? Fast Break Points? Pretty good, huh.)

  • Phoenix shoots 45.6%, Phoenix loses. Did the Clippers play better defense? Not that I noticed. Phoenix missed shots.
  • The Clippers were however MONSTROUS on the boards. 57-26 overall, including 19 offensive rebounds (out of 41 misses.) Think about that. The Clippers were 49-90, over 54% in shooting. That's really good. Then, of the 41 shots they missed, they got 19 of the rebounds. WOW! (This number was actually even more in LA's favor prior to garbage time, if you can believe it.)
  • I will remind everyone that the Clippers outrebounded the Suns 24-3 on the offensive glass back on March 15, and lost by 29. Phoenix will always get outrebounded - it's a given. They just hope that there aren't too many opportunities on their end, because their shots are going in. That wasn't the case tonight.
  • To further illustrate my point that it is all about the Suns, in game 1 they shot 24-25 from the line, 96%. Game 2 - 16-23, under 70%. So the Clippers FT defense was much improved. FYI, that difference in FT shooting BY ITSELF would have been the difference in game 1. If the Suns had shot under 70% in game 1, it would have cost them 7 points, which was the final margin of victory.
  • How is it possible that Elton Brand actually played MORE minutes in a game the Clippers led by double digits the entire way than he played in a game where they were tied in the 4th?
  • I didn't really believe it at the time, but maybe there is something to what I was saying about the similarities between this series and the Spurs-Mavs series. In both cases, the home team, on one day of rest, playing a very well-rested opponent, dug deep and won game 1. Then, in game 2, with the motivation of game 1 gone and the fatigue perhaps catching up, they got blown out. Coincidence? Almost certainly.
  • Kevin Harlan is literally the first announcer this playoff season I've heard misuse the word literally (but he will not be the last). In the second half, Harlan said that in game 1 Elton Brand had 'literally carried the Clippers on his back,' which I must have missed.
  • And what the hey-ell was going on with Tsk;dlkj;afja;l's shorts / socks combo? I know that the kids love the long shorts, and I'm down with the old school tall socks. But doesn't there need to be a knee? He literally had no knees. (OOOPS. Sorry. You literally could not see his knees. Based on the way his leg moved, I assume he did in fact literally have knees.) Surely the NBA will not slam a 'long shorts' fine on the 12th guy, playing in garbage time. But that was not a good look. Of course it's not the only thing that's ugly about Tskdasklasd;jf's game.
More tomorrow.