Thursday, May 04, 2006

Clippers-Nuggets, Game 5, May 1 2006

Here's the email I sent after Clippers-Nuggets game 5...

Wow... That was fun.

Some really interesting things going on here. I guess the bad news is, the Nuggets were so bad in this series that it renders the Clippers win almost meaningless in the big picture. You can't really say if the Clippers are any good, since the Nuggets were so, so bad.

And what the hell is going on with George Karl? I mean, I know nothing was working, but Ruben Patterson gets 0 minutes and Reggie 'Reach Under' Evans gets 4 minutes? Is game 5 of the playoffs really the time to be experimenting with the rotation? Like I said, nothing was working, but c'mon. Did Karl give Evans his own little suspension. (BTW, I have NO IDEA how Artest gets suspended while Evans does not. I also saw that Rip got a bigger fine than Evans, for what seemed to be a completely inadvertent elbow to Redd. You can't grab a guy's junk. You can't do it. The NBA let him off way to easy.)

I need to go through all the stuff I've said about the Nuggets for the past couple years and put together a big 'I told you so' email. Man, I'm so smart. It's really weird how no NBA teams have hired me yet.

Carmelo is a punk. A very talented punk. And he needs some help on the offensive end of the floor. (Of course, he needs to play a little defense and rebound some also.)

The amazing thing is that Kiki signed Earl Watson in the off season (another point guard, when what he needed was a shooting guard) and then got rid of Watson, despite the fact that the Nuggets desperately needed shooters, and he was the leading 3 point shooter on the team at the time. And they never played Voshon, and just gave up on him, even though they whined all last year about losing him to injury.

And how about that 5 seed - 6 seed thing in the West? The Grizz get the 5 seed, and are the ONLY team swept in the playoffs, while the Clippers drop to 6 and advance on the same day. Guess resting some starters and losing some games was the right thing to do after all. I said it was the right thing to do at the time. I'm right again!